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Suite 16 91 Mayflower Street Plymouth Devon PL1 1SB UK
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Rapid response, flexibility and good communications are the demands of the marine and DP offshore industry and here at ADPS we are able to meet the client's expectations. We continue to supply experienced marine personnel for long term projects where our clients require stability or emergency cover to support a vessel/project in the short term. The ADPS team offer a conscientious approach to all the compliance requirements involved with the operation of a vessel. Benefits of using our services Project/vessel specific mariner selection process MLC Compliant – Maritime Labour Convention 2006 – (Standard A1.4, paragraph 2 0) STCW Compliant Cost effective rates with discounts for long term commitment Innovative vessel management tariffs Continuous monitoring of all aspects of HSE and industry legislation Classification and flag state compliance 24 hour response service Friendly, experienced and efficient office based staff who are able to support and help
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Active Seafarers
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Master on bulker Bulk carrier Master 12000 20.06.2021

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